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In this course offering, you will gain a working knowledge of HTML code enabling you to create entore web sites writing your HTML codes. This course will teach you to understand and modify the HTML codes created by WYSISYG editing software such as Microsoft Frontpage 2000, This provides you with the edge to personalize or fine tune your web creation. When take as a part or our web design package, Basic HTML will give the novice web designer a greatly improved chance to establish a profitable and rewarding web design business. ORDER NOW

Creating a Page

  • Formatting Text
  • Selecting A Background Color
  • Selecting The Default Font Color
  • Changing Font Sizes
  • Aligning Elements

Navigating The Site

  • Inserting A Hyperlinks
  • Inserting An Email Link
  • Linking To Zipped Files
  • Inserting A Bookmark / Anchor

Adding Images

  • Positioning
  • Formatting

Creating Tables

Creating Input Forms

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