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Learn to create professional quality web sites utilizing the industry standard HTML editing program. You will learn to create web sites from the very beginning steps to the actual publishing of their web sites. You will learn inserting images, creating exciting fonts, dynamic HTML effects, how to use keywords and other tools of the trade to attract traffic to their client's web sites. This course has an approximate completion time of 45 to 60 days. PC based format only. ORDER NOW

Getting Familiar With FrontPage 2000

  • Creating and Deleting Web Pages
  • Corp Web Wizard

Editing Page Properties

  • Proper Use of Meta Tags

Web Site Design

  • Using Frames
  • Creating Shared Borders
  • Navigation

Inserting Images as Decorations and Hyperlinks

  • Effective Use of Alt Tags
  • Painlessly Applying Themes

Web Site Expansion

  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Effective Use of Bookmarks
  • Creating Image Maps

Using Tables

  • Using Images

Web Site Enhancements

  • Dynamic HTML Effects
  • Dynamic Page Transitions
  • Components

Using Forms
Web Site Completion

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