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E-Commerce is simply conducting business on the Internet. The only difference is people seek out your products over the Internet instead of physically coming into your store. When deciding to conduct business online, companies tend to rush into the new website without any plan of action.

What are you selling? Is your site e-commerce friendly? Are you accepting orders online? How do you get them interested enough to send you money without being able to even touch the merchandise? Once they purchase it, how will they get it? Is there a guarantee? Return policy in place?

Those may seem like obvious questions, but getting people to come into a store is much different than coming to a web site.

Credit cards are proven to increase orders by almost 400% (compared to just offering the option of sending in a check or money order). For business owners, these simple things mean the difference between making a profit of $100.00 a day or $400.00 a day (or higher)!

Adsrus Internet is ready to help you get setup to accept credit cards as an Authorized Reseller of SkipJack Merchant Services.

Your e-commerce web site should have a look associated with your existing business. Incorporate logos and colors that will be easily recognizable to your customers.

Your site also should be "speed friendly." A majority of the internet users are still at 28.8k or 56k modems. If your page takes to long to load, they will leave, and your competitors will get the sale.

Just as important as speed on your e-commerce site will be usability. Your clients should be able to quickly get to any information they are seeking. If they have to go through 10 pages before they find what they are looking for, they may be too frustrated to even buy from you at that point. Navagation is key.

Finally, in e-commerce, you have to make sure your customer service is a top priority. You need to let your visitors know that you want their business. Make sure you have easy access to contact information. Follow up as quickly as possible, even if it is a quick auto-responder email to let them know you got their question.

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