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The number on thing that people seek when they build a web site is
traffic. Obviously that makes sense, but one of the secrets to a
s uccessful web site is targeted traffic. If you have a site about how to
make model cars and people come to your site in hopes of learning
how to restore a "life size" car, that frankly is a wasted visitor. Of
course there might be that one out of a thousand that might decide to
give you site a serious look and possibly purchase. However, the goal
is to get the most targeted traffic and optimum sales.

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Online Payments Marketing
This marketing package will drive targeted traffic to your web site like no other i-marketing can! This Marketing technique allows the most control over placement and cost of advertising! You are able to choose exactly what keywords and exactly where your web site is ranked after a search is done! However this method of advertising can get a bit costly if your website is not selling the customers once they arrive at website!

This package involves bidding on the keywords you wish to have linked to your website. This allows you to temporarily "own" specific keywords and direct targeted traffic to your site. Just a few of the sites that is affiliated with are: AOL, Lycos, AltaVista, Netscape, CNET, HotBot, and much more!! This means that after registering with your site will also be listed at the top of above search engines!

Please note that this is a pay-per-click package. Pay-Per-Click means when a person searches and clicks on your site you must pay your bid amount for that traffic!

Yahoo! Marketing and Submission
No other Search Engine even gets close to the multitude of internet searches and web traffic that Yahoo! receives! Close to 40% of the searches done on the internet are done solely on Yahoo! Another advantage to this marketing package is when Yahoo! accepts your site it is forever! Unlike other search engines that need regular submissions about once every two months to keep a good listing in their database!

Mass Search Engine Submission
This is a excellent and very cost effective way to draw traffic and expose your website to large number of people and search engines! Although there is no way of guaranteeing any kind of ranking or placement, a Mass Submission every other month will keep your website visibility high and accessible through most of the well known search engines! Some of these include AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, InfoSeek, and much more!

Custom Newsletters
Add a "Join Our Newsletter" button to your Website!
Using Custom Newsletters you will reach all of your clients and POTENTIAL clients instantly to provide them with: inventory updates, new pricelists, specials,
and much more with the click of your mouse!

Call us to start marketing your site today!!!
1-800-607-0494 Ext 233 or 263

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