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Web Site Management / Technical Support
All technical support including web site changes, additions, domain transfers, email technical support, and phone support is charged at an hourly rate of $40 - $185, depending on the incident.

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Online Payments

  • Auto Responder
    Provide your customers with valuable information immediately anytime day or night.
  • CGI Bin
    The CGI Bin enables you to develop highly interactive Web-based applications by building CGI scripts that generate Web pages in response to specific user inputs.
  • Chat Room
    A site that allows visitors to directly interact with each other. Chat rooms enable visitors direct interaction and exchange with other chat room visitors.
  • Customer Newsletter Database / Mailing
    Mass emailing a businesses customers newsletters or special offers.
    Direct emailing places the information directly in your target audience's hands. This greatly improves customer response.

  • Domain Registration
    A domain is simply your identification. Such as It is a way for your customers to find you. There are a lot of web hosting services out there that will give you a free web site, but you will not get to have your own name. It might be something like So, when your customers try to find you if they type in they will get your web site.
  • eCommerce / Shopping Carts
    eCommerce allows you to conduct business transactions on-line through electronic transfers; Accept Credit cards, Real time transactions. Shopping carts are programs that acts as a catalog for your products.
  • Email Only Hosting
    Registering your own domain name to use as your company email without having a web site. You will give your company free advertising every time you or your employees send an email.
  • Macromedia® Flash
    Macromedia flash is a great way to ad movement to your site without adding to the download time. However, you and your customers will need a special program to view that part of your web site. The program is free.
  • Search Engine Submission
    Search engines are indexes of the internet. Search engines are sites such as or These sites will let you type in what you are looking for, and then present you with a list of websites and web pages that contain that information.
  • Secured Socket Layer
    SSL provides a secure connection that encrypts the data sent from the clients machine to the web server. Though this is commonly used to transfer sensitive credit card information, it is also commonly used to transmit other sensitive documents as well. Secured paged are https://

  • Streaming Audio / Video
    This is another great way to display your products and services to your customers. It can allow you to show a demo of how your product looks and works. This also requires special programs for you and your customer to see. The download time and clarity of the images will depend on what your customers are using for their internet connection.
  • Web Site Statistics
    Web stats will allow you to see where your customers are coming from, how long they are there, and much more.
    By using this information, you can modify the web elements to maximize your site's potential.
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