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Skipjack Merchant Services
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  • Secure Credit Card Transactions
  • Adaptive Fraud and Risk Management
  • Virtual Point-of-Sale
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Palmtop Transaction System

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Online Payments


  • Fully Intergrated E-Commerce Solution
    Automatically accept, autorize, & settle credit card transactions on any website 24/7
  • SkipJack VPOS (Virtual Point of Sale)
    Merchants can process transactions anywhere around the world where they have Internet access.
  • The Skipjack™ Interactive Transaction Register
    Instant access to all transactions & choose from a host of options on how to view and interact with any single transaction or group of transactions.
  • Skipjack Rundabout™ Palm Organizer Technology
    New point-of-sale software designed specifically for the Palm Organizer
  • Skipjack SAFE™ (Security Against Fraudulent Ecommerce)
    SAFE is a highly advanced electronic transaction technology that allows merchants and their financial institutions to identify, profile, and reduce risk associated with fraudulent activity.
  • Customized Reporting
    Monitor and track transactions from a series of predetermined reports, or use the fully customizable report wizard and gather the information that is specifically importnant to you.
  • Recurring Payments
    Automate your billing process with any service that requires billing on a regular basis.
  • Skipjack™ IC Cryptographic Protocol
    Each transaction carries its own key, which means if even one transactions is compromised, that information cannot be used to compromise another. Effectively, it is impossible to break even one transaction, even by brute force techniques. So right from the start, credit card transactions are protected by the stongest encryption protocol in the industry.

Benefits of the Skipjack Teal Time Transaction Network

  • Enables you to sell products or services via the Internet, and does it faster, more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more securely than any other Internet payment system available today.
  • User-friendly and doesn't require a customers to download a plug-in or "special" software to make a purchase.
  • Excellent alternative or backup to traditional card-swipe machines, thus reducing costs.
  • Transactions are automatically processed and settled to your merchant account.
  • Skipjack SAFE incorporates special fraud detection capabilities beyond industry standard AVS (Address Verification System).
  • As a authorized reseller, Adsrus Internet, we can implement Skipjack securely, inexpensively, and quickly.

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